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Egg Shells Isn’t Just For Egg Eaters Anymore

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You’ll never throw out your egg shells again after reading this. You’ll learn that it’s easier than you think to make your own hard boiled eggs. No cooking experience is required to make these great soft and fluffy eggs and they taste better than a bag of store bought. You can have a fun family breakfast with your friends without the mess and hassle of boiling eggs.

To make these amazing eggs you only need water, butter and a shell to make them clump together. First crack an egg into a bowl and then cover the shell with the butter. Then take a non stick frying pan and place the egg onto the pan and make sure that there are no wrinkles in the shell.

When the egg has finished cracking then simply lift it out of the shell and discard. You can use a spatula to remove the egg from the pan and then flatten it with your hand. Remember to fill your frying pan with cold water or it will cook the egg faster.

If you’re into making breakfast for your kids then why not try and make some yummy omelets for your children. Simply run a tiny saucepan over medium heat and once your egg is done cracking place a couple of hens in a zip bag and pop them in a cold dish. These can be stored in the fridge until ready to eat. Your kids won’t even know you didn’t throw away your egg shells.

You might be saying to yourself that the kids aren’t old enough to eat eggs yet. They’ve probably eaten tons of eggs by now and have no idea what to do with the shells. Well, I’m here to tell you it’s not as hard as you thought it would be. All you need is a food processor and some patience. You basically want to grate down the egg white with a food processor until it has a consistency similar to fine sand and then squeeze out the shells.

So now that we’ve got that out of the way what do you think? Are you still worried about throwing those egg shells in the trash? Well that’s a dumb question, because if you do throw them out then you’re just destroying our environment. So if you’re worried about throwing those egg shells in then make some delicious home made meal using vegetable stock, some breadcrumbs, vegii and a few drops of olive oil.

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